Use of Various Microsoft Technologies in Power Industry

Various Microsoft technologies can be used to develop applications for power industry.We will discuss here various Microsoft Technologies and how they can be used in power industry.

  1. Presentation Layer : Microsoft Visual Studio is a very handy IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop robust applications.Latest Visual Studio 2010 version uses .NET Framework 4.0 and can be used to develop various windows & web based applications. Various types of applications which can be developed are as follows:
    • WPF ( Windows Presentation Foundation) Application : WPF can be used to develop windows applications. It used XAML to create UI. You can also use PRISM4 or MVVM pattern to create various robust windows application. We will discuss more tips & trick on WPF application development in subsequent blogs.
    • Silverlight : Silverlight can be used to develop Web application with rich user experience. WCF RIA service can also be utilize to develop various LOB (Line of Business) web applications.
    • Sharepoint : Sharepoint can be very useful in Rapid application development.It could be used to create some enterprise level application/ dashboards to suit different users requirement.
  2. Service Layer: WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) can be used to develop various services which can then be utilized by various cross platform client applications. This layer can be be one of the most important building blocks of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).
  3. Database Layer: Microsoft SQL Server can be used for database layer.Databases can be used to store process parameters, deviations, notifications based on the plant process data.Although traditional relational database may not directly work for the temporal data ( process data are basically temporal in nature), FileStream feature can be utilized. You can read technical papers on SQL server website of Microsoft which has included a case study on Formula 1 Racing data ( where frequency of the data is very high). In the case of power industry also, this feature can very well be used. Other features of SQL server which could well be of great use is SQL Server Analysis Service (SASS), to manage data warehouse, cubes and data mining also. We will discuss about data mining in my subsequent blogs. SQL server Integration Services (SSIS) can also be used to retrieve data from plant PI server (or any other data historian) and do the data mining and doing some automatic process.(e.g. data validation, E-mail alerts)

Other Microsoft technologies which can be very useful for power industry are as follows :

StreamInsight : StreamInsight is a new feature which microsoft has provided , which can be used to do in-stream data analysis. It could be very useful in scenarios where frequency of the data is very high. e.g. Turbine vibration analysis. In the power plant, turbine rotating at very high RPMs (approx 3000 rpms) produces data  in the micro second range.Thus in-stream analysis could be very useful.As this will allow to manipulate and do the calculation in the real time basis. We will discuss more on this also in my blogs.

This post has been written to just give readers an overview about above mentioned technologies. Readers are encouraged to go into details of each as it will help you  to get the insight of the technologies available &  how they can be used in your scenario.


Abhishek is a software architect, developer and Pluralsight author. He is very passionate about working with data especially in the field of machine learning. He has authored several courses on machine learning which are available on Pluralsight. He has been involved in several software development projects, which involves various machine learning techniques. His work focuses on architecting and developing applications especially in the area of monitoring, optimization, pattern recognition, and fault detection. His professional interests include software design patterns, agile practices, and various technologies such as WCF, WF, WPF, Silverlight, SQL Server, Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional (HTML5, Javascript, CSS3).

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  1. Vishal Pawar says:

    Really love this information never think of this layes in one view .. thnx for nice information !!!

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