Screencast series on Workflow foundation 4.0 – Part 1

Workflow foundation 4.0 has many things to offer. Many new features have been added.Its also provides XAML based interface to drag and drop activities. It can simplify the process development. Scaling of the application can also be achieved very easily using WF. It allows core developers to create custom activities and business person to use these custom activities without even caring about the implementation. So, it provides an abstraction layer also.
WF is also very useful for long running processes, where the parent processes are dependent on other actions ( may be a web request, or users input or anything which can take long period).

Even for process industry, application development can be a very challenging task. Process are long running and can switch to any state (due to some triggered action). Moreover, if there is some change in process, its very difficult to implement into the existing application thus can result into development delays. Workflow foundation provides various rich features which can be used to solve these problems.

Moreover, WF 4.0 allows to visualize the process in a graphical representation also. So, You can actually see the process workflow.
WF 4.0 (With .NET framework update 1), provides typically three type of workflows:

Workflow types in WF4.0

I am trying to create this screencast series, where i will demonstrate ,

  • how to use Workflow foundation 4.0 in visual studio 2010
  • what are the features
  • how it can be used to solve real life problems in a efficient and scalable manner


    This is the first one in the series, More will follow soon.



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