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Prime Considerations for Enterprise Level Software Solutions

This blog post is focused towards some of the prime considerations and strategies to take into account while designing, developing, deploying and maintaining any enterprise level software solution. Here are few prime considerations : 1. Modification & Up-gradation Strategy :  If

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Bing Map Integration with ASP.NET MVC4 application

Bing maps provides a great way to create map based applications. In this screencast , I have demonstrated the bing map integration in a ASP.NET MVC4 application. You can create your bing map account using this link. Once you have

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ASP.NET MVC4(HTML5) vs Silverlight5 for LOB Applications

ASP.NET MVC vs Silverlight or rather I should say “HTML5 vs Silverlight”, is already a heated topic of discussion. Every developer and architect has his/her own views. So, I thought to share mine too. I will talk only in context

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Use Dotnet.HighCharts for ASP.NET MVC4

If you are working on ASP.NET MVC4 and want to have rich charts and trends for your application, DotNet.HighCharts is a great option. You don’t have to manually write all necessary Javascript,JQuery and other stuffs. You can directly code using

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Asynchronous WCF service invoke with C# 5.0 Async And Await

In most of the scenarios, We would like to invoke the WCF service asynchronously, especially if service takes a long execution time. If we are consuming the WCF service from WPF or Silverlight Application (or any other application) , We would

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Screencast series on Workflow foundation 4.0 – Part 2 ( Arguments and variables)

This is second screencast in the series (Workflow foundation 4.0).In this screencast i will demonstrate , how to use arguments and variables in workflows,how to pass the variables or arguments to/from the workflow. Part 1 is available on this link

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